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Twitter is Shutting OFF its SMS Service in Most Countries due to Security Concerns


Twitter has recently announced a big shift in their services. As announced in a recent tweet, they have suspended the Twitter via SMS service for the users.  As reported in their post, Twitter has acknowledged security vulnerabilities in its SMS-based service.

In most countries, Twitter switched off an original feature that allowed users to tweet via SMS because of security concerns. The text message tweet functionality has been disabled in all but "a few countries" that depend on the app.

"We want to keep your account secure. We've seen bugs with SMS, so we've switched off our Twitter SMS service, except for a few countries," said the micro-blogging site in a tweet late Monday. Everyone will still have access to the essential SMS messages needed to sign in and manage their accounts, she added.Not many people have been using this feature with Twitter since the very beginning, although there have been some reports from people who still used SMS to read tweets. The SMS tweet feature was introduced with Twitter's initial 140-character max.

The company said in another post, "If you're using Twitter via SMS, you can log in to https:/ or download our mobile app to enjoy the full Twitter experience." In September last year, Twitter said it was temporarily removing the ability to Tweet via SMS or text message to protect people's accounts."We're taking this step because of the vulnerabilities that need to be resolved by mobile carriers and because we're dependent on the two-factor authentication of a linked phone number (we're working on improving this)," he said.

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