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WhatsApp New Bug: Users can't see the last seen off other users


Can’t see ‘Last seen’ or ‘Online’ status on WhatsApp? It's a glitch and you are not alone

The popular WhatsApp app in the world that allows you to exchange messages is having some problems. Some of its characteristics feature are facing this problem.  Users can not see the last seen of each other, or any signs of an online person. It is noted that yesterday, in the late evening, these privacy settings of WhatsApp were updated.

An independent outrage monitor found an increase in WhatsApp's down reports, according to the Down Detector. A large number of users of this messaging app are frustrated and users are posting tweets on the microblogs website about the same thing.

Down Detector says 67% of users reported problems adjusting the Last Seen configuration on their Android or iPhones. In contrast, 26% of users complained of connection issuers. 6% of reports suggest mistakes with applications attempting to login.

WhatsApp users think something is wrong with the application's privacy settings. The WhatsApp's Last Seen feature is now switched to Nobody. The irritating thing for the users is that the previous settings are not available.

In the Down Detector, a failure map says that users in the U.S., UK, Europe, and parts of Asia including India and Singapore were affected in the problem. By following the same map, WhatsApp was last confronted with problems in April.

While such issues are a big problem for daily users, such errors generally occur if anything on the server-side is incorrect.

WhatsApp users posting on twitter and sharing screenshots about the same issue, but no official company tweet/response to these tweets. But we do believe that this new privacy setting issue must be resolved by the Facebook-owned WhatsApp.

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