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The Indian Government recently banned 59 Chinese applications, which violated the privacy of indigenous users, in an unexpected step. The government also claimed that this move would secure Indian cyberspace sovereignty. Security experts have criticized the immense risk of privacy for years and cautioned against Chinese phones. The orders have been already complied with by Google and Apple and the apps have been removed from their respective markets. And you've come to the right place if you're looking for an alternative to banned Chinese phones. This article presents you with the 23 best alternative Chinese applications for TikTok, UC Browser, SHEIN, and more.

1. Triller (Alternative to TikTok / Likee / Kwai / Vigo / VMate)

Privacy was one of the many issues with TikTok for many users. Only recently, four US Senators have asked the TikTok FTC to examine the fact that videos created by kids under the age of 13 have apparently not been removed – a breach of their agreement of 2019. The advocacy group also alleged that TikTok could not protect minors' privacy. In addition, many users suspect applications developed in China for obvious reasons of privacy. TikTok, the proprietor of ByteDance – a corporation in Beijing – was accused of exchanging user information with China.

The Chinese national law on intelligence (2017) requires businesses to carry out intelligence-gathering operations on the request of the Chinese government is particularly alarming to experts. Many of these problems exist in TikTok.  As for Likee and Kwai, both applications have Chinese origins and are considered to host insufficient content on their website.

So you can move to Triller, which is very similar to TikTok if you want to stay on the safe side. It is a company based in California and a social video website. You can create and share professional-looking videos in seconds, as does TikTok. You can synchronize yourself, take up challenges and make beautiful music videos. Among celebrities like Justin Bieber, Rita Ora, Kevin Hart and more, this site is very popular. Triller also has over 100 filters and an AI video editing algorithm that creates unique videos in seconds.

However, like TikTok, you have access to the top trend paths on Triller. You have group videos on Triller that allow you to work with everyone on the Internet if you loved the Duet on TikTok. I 'd say that Triller is a decent way to make a shot from TikTok. Notice that I did not mention Dubsmash, given the similarity, because there was a data infringement in 2019 that affected more than 162 million accounts.

TrillerAndroid / iOS (Free, offers in-app purchases)

2. Google Chrome – (Alternative to UC Browser, APUS Browser, DU Browser and CM Browser)

UC Browser is owned by Alibaba Group, China and is the second most popular web browser in India and China. In recent years, however, there have been a range of security and privacy concerns. Citizen Lab published a detailed report in 2015 that revealed major security and privacy flaws within the app. The report concluded that users ' personal information was sent without encryption to Umeng an Alibaba analysis tool'.

Additionally, exact location data have been sent to AMAP, a Chinese Alibaba mapping tool. UC Browser released a new build to address these problems quickly, but Citizen Lab has further assessed that many of these problems have not yet been resolved. In addition, in 2017, after a DNS retention problem highlighted by the University of Toronto, UC Browser was included in the Indian govt's scanner for suspected data theft.

Not to mention, for misleading ads, UC Browser was banned in 2017 from the Play Store. So you should turn to a safer web browser if you want to browse the web without anybody watching your internet activities. Concerns about privacy do not go back to the Chinese application, the CMBrowser. It has often been flagged as a threat to national privacy by Indian agencies.

Google Chrome is a perfect choice for smartphones and desktops as one of the popular web browsers. Google takes protection and privacy seriously and patches Chrome on a daily basis to protect users against malicious websites and malware.

That said, your information is used by Google to target advertising. You should try out private browsers such as Firefox Focus or Brave Privacy Plugin to help boost your privacy controls if you want to avoid this. If you want the best web browser with the most privacy, we have written a dedicated article on the best secure web browser in 2020.

Google Chrome (Android / iOS), Brave Browser (Android / iOS), Firefox Focus Browser, (Android / iOS)

Duck Duck Go (Android / iOS), Tor Browser (Android / iOS) - These both have the best security than the others.

3. ShareChat – Helo Alternative

Helo is another Chinese app with great Indian market success. It is a social media platform for viral content creation and communication with people. The highly curated content for regional audiences is the catch behind Helo 's success. In over 14 Indian languages the app provides its operation and is currently one of the leading applications in the Play Store.

But a recent survey conducted by an Indian consulting group has reported that Helo and other Chinese apps search for excessive consumer personal data. Even if this access is not necessary, Helo needs access to the camera and microphone. This poses a serious threat to the privacy of users and one must be alert to it.

Therefore, you can take a shot at ShareChat if you want to enjoy regional content, without compromising your privacy. The app is based in India and provides great content in 15 regional languages. In addition, the application has a strict policy to preserve insufficient content.

Sharechat: Android / iOS (Free)

4. Files by Google (Alternative to SHAREit, Xender)

ShareIt started as a file transfer app, but now it has transformed like Helo and ShareChat into a web network. The app has therefore moved from the main target to the producer of content. I found several poor material on the device in my brief use and would not suggest anything, let alone the transfer of data.

Likewise, so many apps like the social media downloader and the game center have overloaded Xender. Not to mention, constant publicity and popup exacerbate the experience.

Besides, ShareIt was identified last year with two security vulnerabilities that enable attackers to download content from their devices by avoiding the mechanism for authenticating the device. In addition, data were also transferred, such as Facebook tokens and cookies. Therefore, I only have one suggestion for having an alternative to these Chinese applications such as SHAREit: Google's data.

It can also act as your file manager, and without any attention to ads and contents you can send and receive files without warning.Google files are also very fast and can reach up to 150Mbps during file transfers. If you are using an iPhone, please check out Send Anywhere. (visit).

Files by GoogleAndroid (Free)

5. Adobe Scan – CamScanner Alternative

It is run by INSTIG, a China-based company headquartered in Shanghai. CamScanner is the popular document scanner application. After Kaspersky found a Trojan Horse module inside the CamScanner app, it was taken off the Play Store last year. "Trojan downloader will download malicious modules according to what they have generated at the moment." The researchers said.

Then the malicious code had been deleted and the app returned to the Play Store. Nevertheless, several Chinese apps such as ES File explorer and dubious publishers such as CM and DU have seen this trend.

Then you can move towards a safer and better option, if you want to stay away from such malicious events that go behind the scene. Yet I like Adobe Scan and Microsoft Office Lens (Android/iOS), my personal favorite one.

I 'm sure you won't be disappointed and you can pick some. You get batch mode, fast scanning, just like CamScanner, OCR, Edge detection, and more.

Adobe Scan: Android / iOS (Free, offers in-app purchases)

6. ProtonVPN – TurboVPN Alternative

TurboVPN is a free VPN application which is quickly gaining popularity due to no speed limit and data restriction. It is managed by an enterprise called Innovative Connecting based in Singapore. If you look closely, however, as Security Affairs shows, the business has strong roots in China. The privacy policy of TurboVPN is incisive at best, so I don't completely trust it.

So I would recommend ProtonVPN if you want an alternative to this Chinese VPN application. The VPN is free of charge and without data limits and provides a good worldwide selection of VPN servers. Although the data speed is somewhat reduced, I found it works very well without too much throttling. If you want to know more about VPN, how it works click here.

Since the company is located in Switzerland, the strict privacy law of the EU protects you. In addition, ProtonVPN recently opened its VPN app, making it one of the popular VPNs in the world. You can browse our dedicated article on the best VPN services if you are searching for more VPN options.

ProtonVPNAndroid / iOS (Free, offers in-app purchases)

7. Norton App Lock – (Alternative to AppLock and DU Privacy)

The popular chinese application for locking apps under a PIN, password or fingerprint is AppLock. It is owned by DoMobile and is listed in Hong Kong outside China. We can not ignore the consequences for the protection of privacy because the privacy policy states that "We will read (probably not save) your images, media and data, use the mobile camera and the microphone, depending on the requirement of different features."

Basically, you can read and have access to the camera and microphone from your internal storage. For me, the smartphone locker seems to be too intrusive.

Then I'd highly recommend Norton App Lock if you want to provide a safe alternative to AppLock. This has been developed by Norton Labs, an antivirus company owned by Symantec, with its headquarters in Arizona, USA. PINs, passwords or fingerprints can be chosen to secure the apps, similar to AppLock. The best thing about Norton App Lock is however that it is ad-free and offers a clean experience, unlike AppLock.

Norton App LockAndroid (Free, offers in-app purchases)

8. Keepsafe – Vault-Hide Alternative

We all have private pictures and videos, and often it is not enough to conceal them behind an app lock password. Often, we need to delete them and save them in a vault from our daily library. Vault-Hide is an application that helps you to do this. However, Vault-Hide is among the 52 applications that have red-flagged privacy issues in a new advisory given by Indian Intelligence Agencies. You don't want your private pictures to be viewed by a Chinese app.

This is more complicated than other applications because we typically use it to preserve our most intimate memories. You should change Vault-Hide to Keepsafe if you don't want private data being snooped on.

Keepsafe uses the most stable AES-256 cipher encryption in the world. It offers the same protection as banking applications. You get encrypted and encrypted encryptions, and even Keepsafe employees can not access your data. The company is based in the United States, so the country laws provide you with all the data protection. Keepsafe is used by over 75 million users, with both the App Store and the Play Store being amongst the highest. It is a complete replacement for Vault-Hide in the Chinese app.

Keepsafe: Android / iOS (Free, in-app purchases)

9. Myntra (Alternative for ROMWE, ClubFactory, and SHEIN)

Both ROMWE and SHEIN are reported by Indian intelligence agencies in their National Security Threat List. If you use them to buy clothes, you can stop doing so, till the security problem has been resolved, .

I recommend Myntra as it has a wide variety of items and provides heavy rebates. I use it for the buying of clothes and wallets. However, you don't have to stick to that. You can also use Amazon (Android/iOS), Lifestyle (Android/iOS), Bewakoof (Android/iOS), and more to replace these Chinese shopping apps.

Myntra: Android / iOS (Free)

10. Microsoft Office — WPS Office Alternative

The Indian Government hadn't banned WPS Office but, for a record, it's a Chinese app Developed by Kingsoft, a Beijing based company. You'd be shocked to learn that Kingsoft 's subsidiary is Cheetah Mobile, the maker of many dodgy Android apps that have resulted in its removal from the Play Store. Ads on WPS Office, of course, are a big problem. Therefore, someone wishing to enjoy privacy or successful work experience should not use WPS Office.

You have a range of other office suite applications with a similar degree of file format compatibility. One of them is my favorite personal Microsoft Office, which is a perfect solution for WPS. This is a one-stop application for papers, laptops, presentations, PDFs and much more. You don't have to install single software to make it amazing.

Besides, it's totally free and there are no ads which make it a better replacement of the WPS Office. And you've got an MS Office coverage if you wanted an integrated document scanner, OCR features and PDF converter in an app. In summary, Microsoft Office is a good office suite and as rich as WPS Office.

Microsoft Office: Android / iOS (Free, offers in-app purchases)

11. Solid Explorer — ES File Explorer Alternative

Last year, ES File Explorer was banned from the Play Store, however many people still use it, you would be shocked. ES file explorer versions are modded and some still use the latest version. That being said, the Indian government has officially opposed the device with the latest ban on ES File Explorer. So I would recommend you switch to Solid Explorer if you're still using that on your Android computer. It has been lauded for its clean UI and UX. This is a modern file management app.

Additionally , the app is highly interactive, as is ES File Explorer. Everything is open to you irrespective of what you want – FTP server, LAN / SMB, Trash Bin, integration in the cloud, dark-mode. You can also add folders to your home screen, which is an additional benefit. Having said that, note, the free edition of the app displays a banner advertisement from the edge, but this is not intrusive. In all respects, Solid Explorer is a efficient file management unit that stands above ES File Explorer head and neck.

Solid Explorer: Android (Free, offers in-app purchases)

List of Chinese Apps Banned by The Indian Government

1. TikTok 2. Shareit 3. Kwai 4. UC Browser 5. Baidu map 6. Shein 7. Clash of Kings 8. DU battery saver 9. Helo 10. Likee 11. YouCam makeup 12. Mi Community 13. CM Browers 14. Virus Cleaner 15. APUS Browser 16. ROMWE 17. Club Factory 18. Newsdog 19. Beauty Plus 20. WeChat 21. UC News 22. QQ Mail 23. Weibo 24. Xender 25. QQ Music 26. QQ Newsfeed 27. Bigo Live 28. SelfieCity 29. Mail Master 30. Parallel Space 31. Mi Video Call — Xiaomi 32. WeSync 33. ES File Explorer 34. Viva Video — QU Video Inc 35. Meitu 36. Vigo Video 37. New Video Status 38. DU Recorder 39. Vault- Hide 40. Cache Cleaner DU App studio 41. DU Cleaner 42. DU Browser 43. Hago Play With New Friends 44. Cam Scanner 45. Clean Master – Cheetah Mobile 46. Wonder Camera 47. Photo Wonder 48. QQ Player 49. We Meet 50. Sweet Selfie 51. Baidu Translate 52. Vmate 53. QQ International 54. QQ Security Center 55. QQ Launcher 56. U Video 57. V fly Status Video 58. Mobile Legends 59. DU Privacy

Secure your privacy from the best alternative Chinese apps

These are the alternatives to common Chinese applications we suggest. We have seen that many Chinese apps have fundamental safety and privacy issues which are never addressed, deliberately, or otherwise. As we go through the post. Not to mention, many applications for such violations have in the past been discarded from the Play Store. Therefore, you can use the Chinese apps alternative we described in this post, if you want to use your smartphone securely. That's all of us, though. If you consider the insightful post, make the following comment and let us know.

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