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Windows 10 has been developed for three decades and is now very refined as an operating system. This doesn't say, though, that it's great in any way when you boot a new copy of this operating system.

To really give a good level of security, Windows 10 still needs some tweaks. Windows 10 is now a cloud service, and Microsoft wants to store and sell the knowledge as well.

You will be sending oodles of private information to Redmond unless you do something about it. This can be big security and privacy problem depending on your personal comfort level. That leads us to our first tip. You may need to know how you can be safe from Online Scammers and Banking Frauds.

Using Windows 10 Privacy Tool

Many of the info-gathering capabilities of Microsoft have not been removed quickly. In the confidentiality settings, there is plenty to explore, but most users do not even know how Windows 10 could spy on users or what happens with that information.

The great news is that there is now a full range of advanced resources that are only available in the most commonly used operating system to help you change confidentiality. Most of them are free and allow Microsoft to tweak stuff that you may not want to mess with. The happily called O&O ShutUp 10, which is known as an "anti-spy" Windows 10 device, is a good example. Whether you find every toggle it provides a problem or not, the Windows 10 experience is certainly a simple way to manage it.

Ditch Windows Defender

The antivirus kit provided for Windows 10 is a great feature that keeps millions of users unfamiliar with infections of all kinds of nasties. However, if you want to play an active role in your defense and want to capture a wider variety of malware, your best bet is a third-party system.

Free and paid options are available. Most of them deal with everything, others just grab those malware types. When you're content, but just want to add, with Windows Defender, it's something like malware bytes. You may need to know about how you can Disable Windows Defender Permanently.

Encrypt Your Hard Drive

It is one of the best security improvements you can make to a Windows ten PC to encrypt your hard drive. It means that you don't have the chance to actually access the data if someone gets his hands on your hard drive because it was heavily encrypted.

Occasionally your hard disk gets encrypted automatically after Windows 10 is installed, but then you can manually toggle on BitLocker, the native encryption solution for Microsoft. It's very strong, but you need a TPM module motherboard to function. You will use a USB drive to host the decryption key if your Device does not have one.

If this doesn't make you feel like it, the function is also fine with a third-party solution such as VeraCrypt. You will sleep a lot easier at night until encrypted. You may need to know about how you can Fix Windows 10 Corrupted System Files

Push UAC To the Max

Windows UAC is an operating system feature that alerts you whenever a computer change is made. For example, UAC would loosen your screen and suggest that you do OK before running the software as you attempt to install the new program.

UAC defaults to only disturb you if you do something drastic or if an enabled program tries to change your PC significantly. Nonetheless, the protection is stronger than the default, which warns you of a wider range of modifications. This means that you are going to find hackers and malware to hack your computer.

The default settings for most people are OK, but if you're on an adventure you'll only have fun by visiting some weird websites and downloading apps, then this is an easy way to protect you. Just press the Windows Key and search for 'UAC' to control the UAC settings.

Battening Down the Hatches

While it stands now, Windows 10 is a great safety service for Microsoft operating systems. However, it is important to know that when it comes to how far the creator can bring the nose into your device, you can still monitor the product that you paid for.

Many of the tougher protective features against external threats are often never tired. So here’s to a more secure computing experience for everyone!

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