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There are several free and paid android applications available on the internet, which you can use to root your android phone. You have to follow some basic steps given in the application. The method is very simple, easy and quick as well. You don't need to think about connecting to your PC and joining any command lines using the applications. In this post, I'm going to show you the best free applications for root android phones in 2020 like Kingroot, Kingoroot, Greenify. All the applications have been checked on their own, and that's what I'm bringing to you. I'm sharing the only ones that I liked, and the apps that worked for me.

You can select any app you want to root your Android phone depending on your preference.


KingRoot is the most trusted and effective smartphone app for rooting your Android devices. That's why KingRoot is at the top of our list of the best applications to root your Android devices. KingRoot is one of the best free applications for rooting your smartphone. It's a lot simpler and quicker. The KingRoot software can function on any system beyond android version 2.2. The minimum version of Android 2.2 is required to use this app.

If you're using KingRoot, you're not going to a third ecosystem like your PC or anything else. You can only use this program to root your Android phone. The steps are very quick and easy to execute. If appropriate, your system will be rooted within 1 minute. It doesn't take a long time to root your mobile computer. KingRoot does not drain the battery performance of your cell phone, which is something that I enjoyed the most.

This software lets you root your Android computer seamlessly without doing any extra stuff like a PC or a command line. You can download the KingRoot Application from here.

Magisk Manager

If it's not KingRoot, so Magisk is my second opinion. This application is still my own favorite product. There's been a case where I wasn't able to root my system using the KingRoot software. Magisk Manager rooted the applications that were not created by KingRoot. Magisk Manager is the most up-to-date program on the market for rooting android devices. It's a modern application that operates without any glitches at all.

There are few apps, such as Netflix or Pokemon Go, that do not allow rooted mobiles to use it. Magisk Manager has this wonderful feature of covering the source. With the aid of Magisk Boss, you can mask the very root effectivity. It helps you to use applications that do not allow rooted devices as well. Magisk Manager used to be available on the PlayStore but is no longer available. You can download it by clicking on the button below.

The application is under regular upgrades, unlike KingRoot.

You'll get the new update with additional features and glitches patched from time to time. The size of the Magisk Manager Software is less than 2MB, which is much lower. The method of using the Magisk Manager is also simple and can be easily understood by the tutorials in the software itself. If not KingRoot, Magisk Manager is the better choice for you to choose from.



Greenify is the best app that lets you do several tasks and customize your screen. Greenify the application that fits well for non-rooted computers, too. This application is being developed by Oasis Feng developers. You should get it from the Play Shop. To download the Greenify app from the Play Store, press the button below. Greenify software can recognize misbehavioral applications that are hibernating when you're not using them. This app will make you wonder.

It's not going to make the system stop lagging or hanging because of uncertain events. Greenify is the newest software suggested by new developers. The UI and the steps to be taken are clear. Your app would not waste more of your cell phone's battery and CPU. The scale of the application is less than 5MB, which is much more flexible. The Greenify software allows you more freedom and power over your Android phone.

You can try this android app even if you don't want to root your mobile device/it will keep things streamlined on your device.



KingoRoot and KingRoot are two separate smartphone apps. You're not allowed to be upset by the two of them. KingoRoot is a popular multivariant program. You'll also have a PC edition and an Android Phone version of KingoRoot. You can also root your Android computer using the KingoRoot version of your PC by attaching it to your PC.

The best thing about KingoRoot is the fast root and very low-risk comparison to other applications on the internet. KingoRoot is the best Android app with an easy-to-use PC and Android APK edition. You don't need to have the high-quality technological expertise to use this tool. This app gives you one of the easiest and fastest rooting experiences on your Android devices.

If you are searching for a really low-risk program, then KingoRoot is the android application you can pick.


Super SU Rooting App

Super SU is one of the applications that has been on the market for a very long time. It's been getting the highest root rights, and even some ROMs have been delivered. They're one of the most trusted people in things like ROMs and root. The Super SU software works to root as well as new devices. You're not going to face any of the issues by using this application.

When you're rooted using Super SU, you can easily gain the complete power of your Android phone. The Super SU app also lets you do the temporary root on your Android smartphone. You will use this android app to root your computer without needing a CPU or battery charge. The software is very convenient and is ideal for any android smartphone. The app is quick enough to root your smartphone. You're not going to have to deal with links and all settings as well. Neither technological expertise needed, either. If you're searching for a free android app that can help root your android device temporarily or permanently, you can use the Super SU Rooting App.


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