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If you have apps like a VLC player or places like YouTube that can handle any video format, do you really need a converter for your Android device?

In most situations, you certainly don't, but whether you find a video that won't play on your favorite player, or you want to minimize the size of a video until you give it to someone else, it may be extremely helpful.

In comparison, new Android phones are so powerful that they can cripple video conversation jobs with relative ease. We've picked five Android video converters and put them through their paces.

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1. VidSoftLab Video Converter

This video converter is more than just a video format conversion app. VidSoftlab has packed the capabilities of their app. There are many options to pick from, but they've managed to make the app easy to use. But we're not nuts about the cute vocabulary of architecture.

Apart from being a file converter, it also provides trimming, compressing and blending functions along with simple video editing options. Snappy was the method of translating our sample video to a different format.

The main issue is the invasive ads of the free version. You have to see an advertisement any time you want to complete an operation. You will have to sit through a long video before each person video conversion.

The Pro edition of the app claims advertisements and allows you more features. This allows you access to batch conversion. So while we would warmly endorse the paying version, the ad-supported version is only for the occasional one-off conversion or someone who can carry the ads.

Rating: 3/5

2. InverseAI Video Converter

Like the VidSoftLab application, Inverse AI has created a product that does more than just transform file formats. It has a trimmer, a compressor, and provides the option of just extracting audio. For eg, if you want to make a ringtone.

There's also a dedicated audio cutter, so if you just want to trim the audio file you can. Most of the standard formats are embraced as well as a few that are a little less traditional.

We're still not too overwhelmed by the amount of ads in the free edition of the app. It also has much of the functionality you like in the free edition of the app. There are some choices if you choose to pay. You can opt to delete advertisements only for a monthly or one-time charge. More features such as additional formats, including the new HEVC video format, can also be unlocked at a higher price. You can also gain infinite batch conversion queue length.

That takes one to the experience of video conversion itself. Great news! Good news! You can convert your batch using the free version of the app! That immediately moves this app to the top of the list when it comes to free Android video converters. The pace and efficiency of the conversion was more than satisfactory. InverseAI has done a really good job here.

Rating: 5/5

3. Antvplayer Media Converter

The word "barebones" comes to mind when you first see the Media Converter GUI. This is an app that brings you back to the early days of Android phone work. It's a slim GUI painted over the conversion engine that's likely to be off-putting for a lot of people who are accustomed to a more modern interface style.

However, if you give it a shot, you'll find a lean, very efficient video converter program. While it does contain ads, it's easy to ignore it. There's no secret functionality behind a paywall either.

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Using additional options, such as trimming a clip or cropping, is not as simple as it should be. Although the options for harvest, rotate, adjust resolution, or trim are simple to set, there is no preview. But you're blindly making these changes. Whether there's a way to see a preview of the improvements you've made, we can't find it.

As for the conversion itself, it worked fine. The quality was fantastic and the video was running as expected. So if you're only trying to convert videos and not change them, this is a wonderful free choice.

Rating: 3/5

4. Audio Video Factory

After witnessing the harsh austerity of the Media Converter, Audio Video Factory feels the furthest part of the raw, minimal nature. It's colourful, simple, and it makes it completely clear what you need to do when you open the application.

When you press the big "+" button to launch your conversion process, you can select from videos in your library or an SD card. You may also connect audio files, since this also serves as an audio translator.

As with other better Android video converters, you can do batch transfers without having to spend. We've adapted three video clips with no noise at all.

Setting the appropriate performance settings was a doddle, and there are options for crop and trim right in the conversion menu. Yeah, unlike Media Converter, AV Factory provides crop and trimming previews. And you will see just what you're doing here.

Ad-support is not bad at all. Before we began our batch conversion, we had to watch a brief full-screen ad. Apart from that, the publicity is pretty light.

Rating: 4/5

5. KKapps Video Converter

The last app on this list comes as a surprise. KKapps has managed to create a video transfer software that strikes the right balance between accessibility and versatility. The first screen you see right away gives you two choices. Either pick "new videos to convert" or look at the conversions you've already made.

It's easy to pick a video, particularly because there are three helpful simple categories of video to sort your choices. If you've picked the video you want to convert, it's a guided on-rails method to get to the conversion itself.

The only downside with this program is that it would not allow you to choose more than one video at a time. So batch conversion is not an alternative. However, it is ideally tailored to people who just want to transform one video in the easiest, most simple manner possible. It's a 5-star application inside that niche. As a general purpose adapter, on the other hand, it's right in the centre of the pack.

Both of our sample video conversions were perfect. There were no apparent production problems, and we didn't have to compete with so many advertisements to get the job done.

Rating: 3/5

Although we think mobile phone video conversion is a fairly niche software type, it's nice to know that there are so many content options for those who need it. And if you don't have a daily need to adjust video formats or tweak your clips until you submit them on, it's worth having at least one of these applications enabled. You never know that!

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