Collection of 100 Free Programming Courses & Tutorials to Start in 2020

The coming decade will be a decade for developers and programmers. The demand for software engineers, data scientists, web developers, app developers is always strong. They are the most paying professions in whatever country you live in. Students beginning their programming careers should have a lot of opportunities over the next decade.

Changes in the development sector are very regular. Every year, new technologies, tools and libraries are introduced. It is most important for experienced developers and engineers to learn new programming skills over time in order to remain relevant.

I've created a collection of free courses on various topics including web development, frontend, backend, app development, programming languages, DevOps, data science, blockchain, machine learning and more. This list of courses is categorized on the basis of programming languages, frameworks, development tools, etc. and is useful to anyone who wants to start new coding skills without spending time on finding the right courses.

Angular JS

Angular 6 - Soft & Sweet

Front-End JavaScript Frameworks: Angular

Learn to build an Auth0 App using Angular 2


Learn Android Application Development

Android: Build Voting App using SMS and SQLite with zero experience

Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems


Build with Blockchain: Deploy your own private blockchain

Blockchain Basics


Learn C from Scratch

Learn the Basics of C Programming Language


Learn C++ from Scratch

C++ Tutorial for Complete Beginners

Object-Oriented Data Structures in C++


C# Tutorial - Full Course for Beginners

Introduction to Programming with C#

Introduction to C# Programming and Unity


Cassandra Architecture

Apache Cassandra

Cassandra Tutorial


Try Django 2.2 - Web Development with Python 3.6+

Python Django Crash Course

Learn Django and Python Development By Building Projects

Data Structures & Algorithms

Getting interview ready - data structures

A Visual Introduction to Algorithms

Data Structures and Algorithms in Python


Just Enough Docker to be Dangerous

Learn Docker

Docker Training


Natural Language Processing 101 + Dialogflow Chatbot

Introduction to DialogFlow

Creating a customizable chatbot using Dialogflow and node js client v2


Flutter Beginner Tutorial - Build own App

The Complete Flutter App Development Course for Android, iOS

Flutter Tutorial for Beginners - Build iOS and Android Apps with Google's Flutter & Dart


Introducing Firebase

The Firebase Database For SQL Developers

Firebase Basics

Go Programming

Getting Started with Go

Golang - JumpStart on Cloud

Write a Web App in Go


Intro to GraphQL

Build a GraphQL Server

GraphQL Full Course - Novice to Expert

Gatsby JS

Gatsby - Static Site Generator for React

Gatsby - Full Tutorial for Beginners

Gatsby JS Crash Course


Hadoop Platform and Application Framework

Big Data and Hadoop Essentials

Hadoop and Big Data for Absolute Beginners


Rapid Prototyping with Ionic: Build a Data-Driven Mobile App


An Introduction to Java Programming

Learn Java 8 - Full Tutorial for Beginners

Ultimate Java Development and Certification Course


JavaScript Basics: Start Coding in 5 Minutes

Introduction to JavaScript: First Steps

Learn and Master JavaScript Foundations from Beginner to Professional


Learn to Use jQuery UI Widgets

Design a Portfolio Gallery using jQuery


Julia Scientific Programming

Intro to Julia

Julia Programming Tutorial


Kotlin for Java Developers

Kotlin for Beginners: Next Android platform language

Kotlin for Android Development: Develop an App with Kotlin


Learn DevOps Kubernetes deployment by kops and terraform

Getting Started with Google Kubernetes Engine


Introduction to Laravel

Machine Learning

Machine Learning for beginner

Machine Learning Tutorial for Beginners-Using Javascript


MySQL Developer - Querying For Data


MongoDB Essentials - Understand the Basics of MongoDB

Node JS

Intro to Node JS & Express

Learn To Build An Elearning Website Using NodeJS


Python for Everyone

Learn Python from Scratch

Python Basics

Python Beginners Programming Guide


Building Web Applications in PHP

PHP tutorial for beginners

Learn PHP from Scratch

R Programming

Learn R from Scratch

R Basics - R Programming Language Introduction

R Programming for Absolute Beginners

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails: An Introduction

Learn Ruby from Scratch

Ruby on Rails 5 Tutorial: Build web application in 30minutes

React JS

Front-End Web Development with React

Learn ReactJS with Webpack 4, Babel 7, and Material Design

Reactjs Interview Practice Guide

React Native

Intro to React Native build a cryptocurrency tracker app


Learn Rust from Scratch

Rust For Undergrads

Rust Tutorial

Intro to the Rust programming language


Learning SASS

SASS Tutorial

Sass & SCSS Tutorial for Beginners


Learn Scala from Scratch

Functional Programming Principles in Scala

Scala Programming Mini Boot camp For Beginner


Spring Core - Learn Spring Framework 4 and Spring Boot

Building Scalable Java Microservices with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud

Spring Framework


Introduction To Swift Programming

Swift by Example; Make Apple Watch Apps with Apple Watchkit

Learn Swift Series

Swift UI

Hacking with iOS: SwiftUI Edition


TensorFlow in Practice

TensorFlow Full Course

Basics of TensorFlow

Vue JS

Learn Vue.js from Scratch: Building & Testing a Movie App

Vue.js Fast Crash Course

Learn Web Development Using VueJS

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