How to Activate or Enable God Mode in Windows 10

Hello Everyone, today I am going to show you how to enable or Activate God mode in your Computer. So without wasting time let's get started.

What is God Mode?

In God Mode, you will have access to all the settings of your operating system windows and make changes. If you're a Windows user for a long time, you could recall a trick to allow 'God Mode.' It might sound epic depending on your perceptions, but the best way to explain the feature is that it provide access to all features of control panels on the operating system from within a single folder.

Actually, its real name is the Windows Master Control Panel shortcut. God Mode was an inside joke, but he was trapped in it.

You can also allow God Mode in Windows 10, as it turns out. Why would you have needed it? This function is useful to those in IT, to those who operate a machine, and certainly to those experienced enthusiasts. Most consumers have little need for this feature, and could actually lend themselves some damage to the OS.

Think of God Mode as the backdoor of the App to access all settings. Of course, just activating it doesn't do much, so please don't tinker around too much without an OS backup. So let's get to this:

How to Activate God Mode

It's very simple just follow simple steps.

1. On your desktop right click and make new folder.

2. Rename this folder to the code given below.


3. Done Now double click in this folder to access to all your windows operating system.

You can actually name a folder like the NinjaCat mode that you want. Simply replace 'GodMode' in front of the {......} characters to your liking.

This is it. Now, when you open that tab, you can see about different settings, including Computers and Printers, Credential Manager, Indexing, etc. There are some variations depending on whether you have a version of Home or Pro and different hardware.

I hope this information is helpful for you if you found something interesting than please follow us for more.

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