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Nowadays, whenever people hear the term 'Ethical Hacking', they view it as an illegal and legitimate interference into someone else's network, known as 'Black Hat Hacking.' So, here in this blog post, we 're going to walk you through the process of being a good ethical hacker, teach you about the basics and effective hacking tactics, help you realize how hackers thought & strategize, and how to become a pro in the ethical hacking culture that you're part of. We also split the concept of ethical hacking into three parts. starting from the fundamentals of the techniques.

What is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical Hacking is the method of penetrating the network to detect bugs, risks, etc. In general, ethical hacking is primarily done to enhance network stability. Normally ethical hackers use the same tactics as unethical hackers, but ethical hackers do so with the consent of the authorized person.

However, ethical hacking is done to improve the protection of applications from threats from malicious users. Ethical hackers use their expertise and other sophisticated techniques to test The safe for their organizations. Ethical hackers are also known as black hat hackers who identify data vulnerabilities and other problems in dangerous network settings to ensure the general security of the device.

Ethical hackers are very useful to businesses in maintaining their IT security operations. They enhance the performance of the machine with advanced technologies. Upon conclusion of the review of the organization's infrastructure, consultants also report back to business executives focused on insecure areas, unstable programs, etc. to offer recommendations on how to improve security strategy and avoid cyber attacks.

How To Become a Hacker in Just 10 Steps?

In relation to the security of computers and information systems, a hacker is a person who works on the protection mechanisms of computers and network networks in order to find and repair loopholes where they occur. There are many experienced programmers and networking experts on the market who are part of the groups and common cultures that have roots back in the decades to the first time-sharing minicomputers and the first ARPANET experiments.

Members of these cultures or societies were the first hackers to be created. Silently breaking into machines and phone networks with the aid of manipulative tricks has come to symbolize hacking in common cultures and societies. Even these popular cultures are a lot more complex and moralistic than any of us know.

Below the steps listed will help you understand the entire cycle of how to become a hacker:

1. Work-on OS which is similar to UNIX, like Linux

  • The operating systems of the Internet are UNIX and UNIX-like OS. While a person can understand how to use the Internet without knowing UNIX, he can not be a good hacker without understanding UNIX. Because of this, the requirements must be known, the hacker groups now revolve around UNIX. There is a various OS that is similar to UNIX, the most common of which is Linux, which an individual can run alongside Microsoft Windows on the same system.

  • The best way to start running UNIX on your machine is to boot a device called a live CD or USB, which is a service that runs completely off a CD or USB without the need to change the hard disk. Apart from Linux, there are few other UNIX-like OSes, such as BSD systems. The most popular BSD systems are FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD and DragonFly BSD. Like Linux, all of the above stated BSDs are open - source platform.

  • macOS on Darwin is the UNIX operating system that is available under FreeBSD. Darwin is available on https:/ and is a fully free and open source. UNIX is the center of the program, and thanks to the increasing success of MacOS, many people who had Linux programs have now migrated to MacOS. These programs are available with a package manager including Homebrew, Fink, or MacPorts. Or else, a person can run Linux on a Mac beyond MacOS.

  • An individual is also free to run operating systems like Open Indiana, which is based on the release of the Solaris operating system from open source before it was taken over by Oracle and turned into a closed source. Linux applications do not consider compatible with Free Indiana and Solaris that are rendered for UNIX System V. It is proposed that MacOS, BSD, or Linux should only be used because they are more popular and have more programs available for them.

2. Learn HTML

  • If programming is new to a person, they must learn the basic HyperText Mark-Up Language since HTML proficiency is a must for any hacker.

  • An individual in his browser must open the source files of the website to inspect the File, for example-Go to Web Developer > Page Source in Firefox to learn the code.

  • HTML can be written to a standard word processing system such as Notepad or Plain Text, and should be stored as 'yourCoolFileName.HTML.' Now, such stored files can be submitted to a website so the coder will see his job interpreted.

3. Gain knowledge of Programming

  • If the ultimate aim of an individual is to become a master hacker of ethics, he would need more than simple English to compose his masterpiece. Programming languages are an important part of Hacker 's life.

  • Python is the best hacking language because it is cleanly built, well defined, fairly good to newcomers, persuasive, versatile and well suited to large projects. It is known to be a good first language in programming.

  • The next best alternative language available for advanced programming is Java.

  • Close to Python but distinct from Java, JavaScript is a C-based language that is entirely new to the user. The replacement for JavaScript is PHP C, which is the main language of UNIX. If the programmer understands C, learning C++ will be a cakewalk because it is closely related to C.

  • A smart user is one that continues using strong tools like Backtrack 5 R3, Kali or Ubuntu 12.04LTS.

4. Be a Creative Thinker

  • After learning basic coding skills, the aspiring hacker must begin to think artistically. Proven hackers are like developers, artists, and philosophers, only put together in one person.

  • True hackers work as hard as they play and play as hard as they work. For them, the distinctions between "Play," "Work," "Technology" and "Craft" seem to vanish or converge into high-level artistic playfulness.

  • Hackers will read science fiction and visit science fiction conferences, which act as a venue to encounter hackers and proto-hackers.

  • They can also practice martial arts because the kind of intellectual discipline required by martial arts is the same as that demanded by hacking. Those types of martial arts that focus on improving mental discipline, relaxing awareness, controlling power, rather than raw strength, athleticism, or physical awareness. Tai Chi is ideally suited for hackers.

5. Make a habit of Solving Problems

  • Hackers believe that information sharing is a moral responsibility, and whenever anyone fixes a problem, they will make the information public and support those who have the same problem.

  • No hacker is ever obliged to give away all his creative products. Yet the hackers who do so are the ones who get the most appreciation from their co-hackers.

  • It is advised to read older pieces, such as "Jargon File," "Hacker Manifesto" by The Tutor.

6. Absorb Fight Authority

  • The biggest enemies of the hacker are boredom, drudgery, and authoritarian figures who, with the help of censorship and secrecy, are strangling the freedom of information. Monotony is pulling a hacker away from hacking.

  • Hackers must learn to accept hacking as a way of life , which means refusing "natural" conceptions of work and property and opting to struggle for freedom and common knowledge.

7. Be Competent

Anyone who spends hours on Reddit and posts a crazy cyberpunk username may even act like a hacker. Yet the Internet is a tremendous equalizer that respects honesty over vanity and attitude. An ambitious hacker must sharpen his skills and craft rather than polish his profile, as it would give them recognition and not the shallow stuff it we think about "hacking" in popular culture.

8. Start Writing Open Source Software

New hackers must start writing programs that are enjoyable and helpful from the point of view of other hackers. And, they must also send their software sources to the hacker community as a whole for use.

9. Promote Valuable Information

Another attribute of a good hacker is that it must be able to gather and process valuable and relevant information on web pages or records, such as FAQs, and make them available to everyone. Those who maintain technical FAQs shall be valued at the same standard as open-source authors.

10. Helps in keeping the Organization Working

Common hacker culture is managed by volunteers who do certain very critical yet unglamorous jobs, such as maintaining mailing lists, moderating newsgroups, creating RFCs, and other professional standards. Doers in these occupations deserve a lot in appreciation because they are a big-time user and not as much fun as playing with codes.

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