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Today I'm going to show you how you can check someone's location. It can be a person we don't know, such as a stalker or a person we know who harasses us and we want to check his / her location.

We can also track the sender of the e-mail in this easy way and see if he is the individual they pretend to be. All we have to do is convince this person to click on the link that we created.

Everyone can find the location of somebody by phone number for their own reasons. Perhaps parents would like to find out the approximate location for their children to ensure their safety. The tracking of your wife's location gives them peace of mind and health to married couples who suspect infidelity.

Some employers may want to use this method from time to time to check their employees for their jobs on-site. But irrespective of the purpose, advanced digital technology today allows you to find close friends in various ways.

This guide is an easy way to use an automatic link that provides us with the following information:

  • IP address

  • local IP address

  • Country

  • User-agent

  • Hostname, ISP name

  • Web browser

  • Web browser orientation

  • Timezone

  • Language

  • Incognito/Private Window usage

  • Adblocker usage

  • Screen size

  • GPU

Steps to Follow with Pictures

Step 1: Go to Grabify

Step 2: Enter the destination link where you want the victim to go after passing through Grabify Gate- let’s put in our case

Step 3: Mark Smart Logger option.

Step 4: Copy generated link from Grabify

Step 5: Send it to our target.

You can send the link to the target person after completing all 5 steps. Note that the tracking address will be saved for later data access. The link can be blocked by such tools, and I advise you not to send them through Messenger.

E-mail and all text messages will be the best way to distribute the tracking link, for example. Telegram, WhatsApp, Signal.

Note: I am not encouraging anyone to act unlawfully and the information presented here is only for educational purposes!

An effective way to encourage users to click on a link can be to replace a message like an e-mail from a social network site, an email provider, etc.

I suggest using a plugin to edit the email source in HTML to do this. I use Thunderbird Mozilla, so ThunderHTMLedit is the best option in my case.

I copied the email HTML body and put it on the MS FrontPage after I installed this add on. The best, if not the best editor of HTML code. I exchange links from the original to Grabify links by using MS from the frontpage and copy and transmit the entire message back to Thunderbird for our purpose.

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