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Now that huge numbers of people are working from home to avoid the spread of Coronavirus, many video conferencing applications are seeing a massive rise in traffic. There is also a tremendous demand for space for new technologies to further smooth the telecommunications cycle. One such tool is Screen, which makes the sharing of the screen easier and easier.

The free screen sharing platform shares your device's screen with other people at the meeting while trying to stack video call boxes at the top of the other edge of the window. The greatest part about this screen-sharing app has been that it gives everyone a cursor. Other participants of the session may use it to navigate, draw, or even code on a shared screen. The latency rate will be between 30ms to 50ms, so it's certainly faster than any other screen sharing software like Teamviewer.

Users can share their screens on Mac, Windows, and Linux. In the meantime, users of smartphones and people who haven't installed the app can join meetings from web browsers.

How to share your Screen?

  1. Download the app from the given link for your platform.

  2. Give the required permissions for the camera and microphone to the application.

  3. Click on “New Meeting” to host a meeting.

  4. Click on the “Share Screen” button.

  5. Other users can join in with the unique meeting ID.

Once you're connected, other people can bring their cursor and type it on a shared screen while sitting in a different location. Of course, the meeting host can control who can make their input. In addition, users can also draw on a shared screen. The doodles will fade away in a couple of seconds unless you have the Caps Lock turned on.

Users may also submit ephemeral messages if they are in a noisy environment. Slack and Google Calendar integration uses the Screen Sharing app.

Under normal circumstances, Screen is free to join meetings and is $10 a month to hold a conference. Nevertheless, despite the pandemic and a large population working from home, this app is completely free to use.

Top Screen sharing software

There are a range of screen sharing applications and remote desktop apps that can make telecommunications simpler. One of the most popular is Teamviewer, which is a one-stop solution for remote connectivity to other PCs, mirroring, and screen sharing.

The free screen sharing app close to Screen is Join Me, where people (including ios owners) will collaborate together on interactive whiteboards.

Other than that, there are popular video conferencing apps such as Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom, where users can share their screen; however, other people can not interact with the screen in such apps.

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