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Clipboard sync lets you copy and paste a text on one device and paste it to another device. This feature improves the workflow because when changing devices you do not have to retype the file.

Chrome Canary is a Google Chrome browser pre-release for phones and computers.

You will need Chrome Canary to use this feature and it should be available both on your computer and on your phone.

Otherwise, now it can also be used in Orignal Google Chrome Browser. Google will continue to develop cross-platform capabilities in the Chrome browser of the business. Web browser users can also use the browser's "send" feature for transferring the web pages to other Google Account apps and Chrome instances.

Google implemented a new test feature in the browser from Chrome 79, to transfer content from clipboard to another device. The function is not enabled by default; before it is usable, Chrome users need to set several flags in the browser.

1) Download Chrome Canary or Use Google Chrome

This app is not available on iOS, it's just the beta version. It is available only for Android, macOS and Windows.

In the links below, the software is available for download on both your computer and Android.

Download Chrome Canary: Android / Mac or Windows

2) Enable Clipboard Sync on Your Computer

  • Open Chrome Canary or Google Chrome on your computer device.

  • Open Flags in Chrome by typing chrome://flags into the URL bar.

  • Search for “Clipboard” in the search field at the top of the screen.

  • Click on the drop-down menu, next to each below shown option and choose “Enabled”:

Once you enable all the given options, you will be prompted to restart the browser via a button at the bottom of the page. Select it to relaunch the browser with the clipboard sync features enabled.

3) Enable Clipboard Sync on Your Phone

  • Open the Canary browser or Google Chrome on your phone.

  • Type chrome://flags in the address bar and hit enter.

  • Search for “Clipboard” again, the same as in a computer.

  • Choose “Enabled” from the drop-down menu next to each options in the search

Again, you will need to tap “Relaunch Now” button at the bottom of the screen to relaunch the browser with the clipboard sync flags enabled.

4) Share Your Clipboard Between Devices

Send Text from Your Computer to Android

  • To use this function during your computer's web browsing:

  • Select a Text you want to send and right-click on it.

  • Now, from the drop-down menu, choose "Send a text to X." (X will be Android phone name or tablet name).

  • You will be alerted that text has been forwarded and copied from the computer to the clipboard on your phone.

  • You just need to choose "paste" on your phone and on your bam.

  • The text you copied will be shown on your screen.

You can also share text to your computer from your phone:

  • In Chrome Canary, select the text

  • Click on "Share", and tap on "Send text to Your Computer"

  • Choose the computer you want to send it to.

  • After a notification on your phone, you can now simply paste the text on your computer like normal and the text you just copied will appear.

  • You can also copy and paste the text between different computers.

It remains to be seen whether Google allows Chrome to perform the default feature. The copied and transmitted information is encrypted. Some users may prefer the new functionality of Clipboard sharing over traditional methods, for example by using USB devices, email or text files, or extensions like Papercuts. Note syncing.

The new feature can not be used by Chrome users who do not sign up or use a browser sync feature.

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