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Google Chrome's Duet Menu is updated almost every day. It changes and updates very often. Simply put, the Duet Menu is just a menu bar, which you'll still find at the bottom of the list. It's like a click on a window, and it has all the necessary stuff. You can find the Home button, the URL bar, and others at the bottom of the screen, and if it's not stable, it remains disabled by default.

The Duet Menu can be easily activated by Android users when you try to make some changes, especially to the Chrome flag. A lot of changes have been made to the Duet menu recently, and the new one needs to be tested for Android.

How to Allow Android Duet Menu: The Chrome Duet Menu reduces the number of objects that appear in the Menu Bar. There are other methods that could be used to search the New Duet List.

Step 1: Update the Chrome browser from the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Open the app after it's finished updating. 

Step 3: Type, Chrome:/flags on the URL bar.

Step 4: Type Duet on the Search bar of the Chrome Flags page.

Step 5: From the drop-down list under the Chrome Duet Section, select Enabled.

Step 6: Click the Relaunch Now button to make the changes.

Step 7: After restarting, you'll be able to see the new duo bar.

Note: If the toolbar is not moved to the bottom, close the Chrome app with the Recent Apps button on your mobile phone and close all running apps. Now re-launch Chrome and you'll get the Chrome Duet feature enabled and the toolbar moved to the bottom.

In the future, if you want to restore the default toolbar at the top of Chrome, set the default preferences listed above again.

These are the basic methods by which you can enable or disable the new duet menu of the Google Chrome browser on your Android device. It's going to help you know how to test a new duet menu on Android.

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