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The secret to success in every area of life is the desire to continually acquire knowledge of new concepts and never interrupt the process of learning. Our planet is like a huge ocean of information, and we can not consume it all. So, we should do our utmost to understand and learn as much insight and wisdom as we can. There are many sources of knowledge and expertise, but "books" are the best man's best friend, even in ancient times. Now in the 21st century, traditional paperback books have developed into ebook collections such as audiobooks, ebooks, Amazon Kindle, etc. There are a number of sites on the Internet where you can get Free Audiobooks, Free Ebooks, Free Kindle Books, and so on.

As we drive towards technological changes, our ideas and attitude to every area of life are evolving rapidly. People are so busy now that they don't have the patience to go to a library and read a book. Because all now is intended to be digitally and accessible in a digital medium, books have now changed their format to e-books and audiobooks, and are available on websites such as the Kindle network, dedicated solely to delivering these digital books to students.

What is Amazon Kindle?

Amazon Kindle is Amazon's website for e-readers to read and share their digital reading experience. The authors and publishers of the Kindle platforms have the complete authority to distribute their books separately on the website. Amazon has introduced a dedicated computer known as Kindle, which could be used to read books online using this tablet device. The programme provides a Kindle Shop where users can buy e-books from a wide genre and, after a good purchase, can download them on their Kindle system and enjoy this multimedia masterpiece. This service is not exclusive to books, and you can also read newspapers and magazines from your Kindle computer.

Free Kindle books:

Once you have developed a reading habit, you continually need fresh materials to feed your thirst for education. While rather possible, it's not cheap to get e-books on a Kindle tablet or via the Kindle app. You don't need to think anymore, as we've brought several forms that you can get Kindle e-books absolutely free of charge:

  • The first and easiest thing to do is to check the Kindle Bookstore or visit the Amazon pages to find free books online. Although Amazon is selling e-books for a fee cost, there is no doubt that a vast number of books that have been best-sellers in the past and are still very successful are available free of charge on the website. What you need to do is add either of these free books to your library, and you have complete access to the book now.

  • Another way to get your free e-books is with your Amazon Prime subscription. Most people are ignorant of the fact that, aside from the benefits of Prime Video and Prime Music, Prime Reading still benefits from the subscription. Basically, it opens the door to a vast range of free e-books available in the Kindle Store, which would otherwise entail some prices. Prime readers can also borrow any book from the Amazon Library free of charge.

  • Apart from Kindle and Amazon services, there are also other sites like Project Gutenburg and Bookbub that sell free e-books that are compliant with Kindle devices and the Kindle app. You should visit these pages, and you might finally get the book you've been searching for.

Some other platforms to read and get free books online

If you don't have a Kindle reader or an Amazon Prime subscription and only want to read some books on your tablet or desktop, there are a few places that you can visit to download a digital book format:

  1. Overdrive – This is the perfect place to get hundreds of free e-books from all subjects. What you need is a valid library card or student ID to access the content.

  2. Library Genesis – is a search site for all sorts of free online reading content, including magazines, posts, e-books and more. The content covers nearly all imaginable genres and indexes over 60 million papers and 3 million e-books.

  3. PDF Drive – If you're trying to get books in PDF format, this is the perfect way to go. It offers more than 83 million books, posts, magazines, manuals, etc. that are fully free and you can download unlimited files without any interruptions.

Amazon Audible –

Since the popularity of audiobooks, new outlets have been emerging in this market. One of the businesses that has absolutely modified the audiobook situation is "Audible." Audible is a division of Amazon that sells and produces spoken audio content such as audiobooks, life lessons, podcasts, stories, chat shows, etc.

It's designed particularly for people who enjoy reading books but don't actually have time to learn. By using Audible, people can listen to audiobooks while performing their other jobs. Audible's success has risen exponentially and is now the leading manufacturer and publisher of audiobooks in the United States.

The package contains more than 2 lake audio programs from top broadcasters, audiobook authors, entertainers, etc.

Audible subscription costs 199 a month but there are certain options to get it free for a limited amount of time and thus get access to free audiobooks:

  • The best approach is to check for free audiobooks in the Audible Shop. There are a number of quality audiobooks that you can receive for free from Audible itself. Only check for "free" in the store and all relevant products will be seen.

  • Another way is to get Audible's free one-month trial for all the new users. In this deal, you get a free copy of an audiobook and unlimited access to all podcasts.

  • If you have a free Amazon-Prime account, you can use it to get 5 free audiobooks and a 90-day free Audible preview.

Besides Audible, there are several other places providing free audiobooks, such as:





E-books and audiobooks are very fun to read and listen to, and they're a perfect way to acquire knowledge and wisdom. These book formats are also very handy because you can hold millions of e-books or audiobooks in a single unit, and they can be retrieved free of charge (or by paying a minimum fee). There is no longer any limit on access to knowledge, and anybody can access these e-books through the above-listed methods and websites or through several others that are accessible on the Internet.

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