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PDF files could be extremely large. As a result, the user has a very difficult time sharing such PDF files. Furthermore, it is not an easy task to upload large files to different websites. However, most popular websites have PDF file size restrictions for uploading. As a result, it is very difficult to adapt to these PDF file size restrictions. It then calls for a simple and effective way to reduce the size of the PDF format.

The regular PDF file with 1 or 2 clicking icons and scanned documents is 500 KB and can be expanded to 1 MB or more. The problem doesn't end here right now. Most educational institutions and government websites are asking for a highly compressed version of the PDF file. For the same reason, you should learn how to will the size of the PDF file without compromising accuracy, because valuable material can get spoiled.

How To Reduce PDF File Size Effectively

It should be noted that you can not reduce the size of a PDF file below a certain level. This is due to the nature of the contents of the document. A paper rich in pictures and illustrations can be highly bulky relative to a text-only paper. In addition, a correct set of tools and methodologies is required to compress the PDF file size. In this guide, we present you with 3 simple online and powerful ways to compress PDF file sizes below 100 KB if possible.

Compress PDF Using Online Tools

This is by far the easiest and hassle-free way to popular the size of a PDF file online. Best of all, no time-consuming software installations and add-ons are needed to compress a PDF file. Also, for simple go-to-go compression and easier methods of compressing PDF file sizes, online editing tools are the best option. There is no need for deep technical skills and complicated measures to reach a smaller PDF file size.

While there are many online PDF resources available, we have listed the most popular and easy-to-use online tools that can help minimize and compact the PDF file:

1. SmallPDF Online PDF Compressor

This is a browser-based program running on all platforms, regardless of operating systems or hardware. Everything you need to do is pick the PDF file, wait for the compression stage and access the PDF file. You don't need to be a tech specialist to that the size of a PDF file.

The application reduces the density of the document. This is, the encoding of the PDF file, the DPI or the printing of the PDF file is that. Subsequently, print quality is reduced, but SmallPDF incorporates sufficient optimizations that reduce the size of the PDF file but significantly preserve the quality of the document.

Key Features:

  • Fast computation time.

  • All-platforms supported.

  • Easy to use and understand.

  • Secure cloud operations.

2. PDFaid PDF Compressor

The PDF compressor from PDFaid will automatically compress online PDF files to smaller sizes. The online compression tool claims that it significantly reduces the size of PDF files by up to 20 MB with multiple image re-size and re-sampling options.

Also, the comprehensive settings and configuration choices available give this application an advantage over other online applications. The consumer can determine his specifications and obtain the result accordingly. In comparison, PDFaid is a free application that is compliant with all platforms.

Key Features:

  • Extensive Image Scaling Features.

  • It can reduce PDF file size by up to 20 MB.

  • This Compressor Preserves document quality very well.

3. VeryPDF PDF Compressor

Along with the images, VeryPDF Tool handles and also reduces font properties. This free online tool can reduce the PDF file size by 10 MB and the paid version can process PDF files in batches and compress them by up to 20 MB.

Apart from choosing a file from local storage, the online application also helps you to pick a file from some particular URL address. VeryPDF also provides innovative compression methods, such as image scaling, to greatly compact PDF files online.

Key Features:

  • Faster cloud operation.

  • Reduces the size of the PDF file efficiently.

  • Offers advanced settings for compressing PDF files based on requirements.

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