How To Safely Install Kali Linux on Android Without Root 2020

Kali Linux is one of the best operating systems to work on, particularly for hackers and programmers. Installing Linux on an Android device provides a range of features, including running web-based software on your Android device, installing and using Linux applications, rather than running a graphical desktop environment on it.

Linux has the potential to transform an Android device into a portable network troubleshooting tool or a pen-testing device. You need to root your device while installing Kali Linux on your Android device using the methods mentioned below. Linux can not be enabled on your Android device unless it is rooted.

If you do not want to root your system, do not follow the methods mentioned below. Another precaution is to have enough room in your brain. When you don't have enough free memory, Linux will fail to boot.

Method 1: Install Kali Linux Using Linux deploy and VNC Viewer

1. Go to Google Play Store and Install Linux Deploy and VNC Viewer on your Android device.

Download Linux Deploy: [appbox googleplay ru.meefik.linuxdeploy&hl=en]

Download VNC Viewer: [appbox googleplay]

2. Once downloaded, launch the Linux deploy an app. You will find an option looking like a download symbol at the bottom of the screen. Hit that option, and you will find a list of other options. Here, in ‘Distribution’ select Kali Linux.

3. In the same list, go to GUI settings and enter the width and the height of your device’s screen.

4. Then, go to the option ‘Install’ and hit it. You will notice that the process of installation has been initiated. This installation process might take approximately 10 to 15 minutes. So please maintain your patience till the process gets completed.

5. When this process is completed, tap on the option ‘Configure‘.

6. Post configuration, hit the ‘Start‘ option.

7. Then, open the VNC viewer and enter the details required such as address, name, and password, etc.

8. Once the data entry is completed, you will have successfully installed Kali Linux on your Android device which is ready to be used now.

Method 2: Using Kali Linux i386 and Limbo PC Emulator

1. Download Kali Linux i386 ISO file and limbo PC emulator apk from their websites (links provided by us to ease your task). They can download either by directly downloading them on your Android device or a PC and then copy them to your Android device.

2. First of all, install Limbo PC Emulator on your Android device.

3. Then, launch the app. Here, in the ‘Load VM‘ option select “New” and enter your name. And in the ‘User Interface’ option select “SDL.”

4. Then, select your CPU model, CPU cores, RAM memory from the drop-down choices.

5. In the option ‘CDROM (*iso)’ select the “Kali Linux i386 iso file” which you had downloaded or copied from your PC. You will have to search for it which will be easy if you remember where you had copied it or the location of download.

6. After the above steps, hit the ‘Start’ option which will open the page of Kali Linux.

7. Select the ‘Install‘ option to initiate the installation of Kali Linux on your Android device.

Once the installation is over, you will have successfully installed Kali Linux on your Android device.

Using these methods, you can easily install Kali Linux on any Android device. With Kali, you can quickly acquire Computer Hacking Expertise and make your mind extraordinary. So seek this one today. Hope you like our work, share it with others, too. Leave a comment below if you have any issues with any of the steps discussed above.

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