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Today we live in a technology-driven world and any work requires a great deal of Internet dependency. The way to life today lies in your electronics, be it your phones, your computers or even your MP3 players. All of them have gained immense popularity in the last ten years, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and TikTok. While concerns about privacy and safety issues have often rounded out, their overwhelming popularity has still not stopped. Most of the school and office work is done from home through Skype and Zoom during this turbulent quarantine. We thank God for making these two communications saviors help us get the job done. Zoom has however experienced a great deal of controversy about its safety concerns.

The study suggests that after making these statements people who used Zoom turned to Skype. This turn is not always possible, however. Office requests often allow you to stick to zoom meetings.

There have also been controversies as to how electronics can spy on us even if we don't. This can be hacked and misused by various organizations. However, since our lives rely heavily on numerous applications, we can't turn it off.

Schoolwork, job hunt, e-mail, video calling, gaming, images upload, textbooks and on-line shopping are all part of our healthy life. Things such as privacy can not prohibit us from doing all these everyday activities. What we should do is to protect and privately monitor all these social media sites. Read More About: Which one is Better: WhatsApp Vs Telegram Vs Signal

Methods To Secure Your Account

There are numerous ways for us to protect and take reasonable steps when building or even using our social media accounts. In addition, you should never fail to read the terms and conditions provided by a particular application carefully when you create these social media profiles. If it's Snapchat or Amazon, make sure you know what you consent to when you build an account, so that you know what inconsistencies can arise throughout the future. Read More About : How To Be Safe From Online Scammers And Frauds

Strong Passwords Are Important

It is highly recommended that you use a strong password after creating an account. A strong password is a hard-to-crack password for a hacker or a user. In general, these passwords contain a combination of uppercase and lowercase symbols, signs, numbers and unique words. It can be as difficult as you want, though you know what it is.

Keep Changing Your Passwords

You can easily change your password once in a while to ensure that your account is not compromised. These are strong guidelines for people who want no access to their new accounts for their old or public apps. It is usually done by business employees and highly advisable to block access to their previous staff and team members. It is best not to use the same or similar old password to be on the safer side.

Two-factor Authentication

Another way to protect social media accounts and perhaps one of the most secure methods is through two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication allows anyone trying to access your account, before the access is granted, to insert a PIN to the saved telephone number (connected to that account). This helps the original user to be conscious and take several actions of any suspicious behavior.

These are some of the safeguards that can be taken when creating a social media account. But what do you already know about those accounts? How can they be secured?

Delete Accounts Not In Use

We still feel like being part of any new trend and application. We often forget the existence of some since we keep downloading and activating various accounts on different social media platforms. Social networking sites which are hard to use or forgotten are most helpful to closing. Such forgotten accounts are also hacked and hackers profit from their insecurity. These accounts are also easier to close.

Stay Updated

Your accounts can also be protected by upgrading your electronic devices and applications. Make sure the advanced and latest version of any app you use. Social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook enable their users' accounts to be privately held, i.e. people who accept that users only view their profiles as friends. It helps to block the disturbance and even misuse of strangers or stalkers. People who don't need to contact a wider public may turn to a safe account.

Keep Social Media Secure

You can also enable your privacy settings when you are looking for jobs on sites such as Linkedin, making your profile available to a limited audience rather than to the entire crowd. Through changes in your profile or when you begin following a specific company should not be known to all.

Postings on Facebook and Instagram where people upload photos of their lives almost every second can have their risks. Occasionally, seemingly innocuous state posts can endanger life. For example, posting where you live or are on holiday is confidential information that burglars or criminals can benefit from if the account is kept anonymous. Therefore, if you are an influent or sell goods to the general public, it is also much easier to keep these comments private.

There can be better and more effective ways to protect you. While you are fun, remember to always respect your health.

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