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The first thing you see when booting the computer is a desktop wallpaper, wallpaper is the mood determinant of that day. Okay, for me at least. Tons of ideas are coming up such as setting your favorite film scene or even a rainy moody wallpaper. However, Windows 10 doesn't permit you to set an animated image or GIF as a wallpaper. This article tells you how to set the GIF for your desktop computer as wallpaper.

A freemium program called BioniX is used in this Guide to Use GIF as wallpaper. So,  What is BioniX, then?

BioniX is freemium-based, background software which can be primarily used for:

  • To Covert GIF into wallpaper

  • To create a playlist of wallpaper

If you wonder about the usage of the CPU, do not worry BioniX is a software that is very lightweight. To set up an HD GIF wallpaper it only takes around 0.2% of the CPU resources.

We will use Windows BioniX software to set the desktop wallpaper using GIF images, as mentioned above. Follow below to set the Windows PC GIF wallpaper: Step 1: Download and Install BioniX You must first download BioniX Video Wallpaper Animator from here to use GIF wallpapers on Windows 10. Double-click and complete your installation process with the desired folder location after downloading the BioniX Video Wallpaper Animator tool.

Step 2: Open VideoWallpaper Application You will be able to use a set of other freemium devices in the selected folder after installation of BioniX Video Wallpaper Animator. Double-click on the software application "VideoWallpaper" from the available tools.

Step 3: Browse GIF Wallpapers Folder Once the tool is opened, a simple , straightforward user interface is available. You will find the Folder section under the Video Wallpaper tab and need to navigate through the folder directory in the location of your GIF wallpaper. When the folder is selected, all the supported files are automatically identified.

Step 4: Set GIF as Desktop Wallpaper Pick the appropriate animated GIF file from the file list and press Start and you can immediately see the animated GIF wallpaper on your Windows PC screen. The playback speed can also be set under the Speed column and the wallpaper can be zoomed with Scaling Options.

So you can set any GIF images as a wallpaper for your Windows desktop.  Pretty straight forward right?  But unfortunately, you can just set one GIF as a Wallpaper at a time with BioniX Video Wallpaper Animator.

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