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Facebook the social media giant has introduced a new tool to easily transfer your photos and videos from Facebook to Google Photos. This tool was announced for Canada alone in April 2020, now available worldwide.

On Thursday, the 4th of June, it was announced that Facebook will open the tool to everyone globally. In Latin America, Asia PacificEropean Union, South-East Asia, Africa and the United Kingdom this tool was available to many countries before it came across worldwide.

What is the Strategy for Data Transfer?

In 2018, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and Google established the data transfer Programme. The project is designed to speed up data transmission between online service providers and create a shared open-source code platform for connecting all online service providers. The connection allows smooth and direct transmission of data.

How does the transfer of data work?

The Transfer Project uses existing APIs of applications and user access authorization processes. It then uses a different adapter in the receiver services' API to accept the data in a standard format. The new data transfer service from Facebook works thereby making the transfer faster and safer.

The project currently has five members, among them Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter. Since Microsoft is included in the list of project contributors, Facebook users are also expected to be able to transfer photos on One Drive in the near future.

Steps to Export Media Files From Facebook to Google Photos

It is now very easy to transfer your Facebook pictures or videos to Google photos since it receives official support. Follow the steps, to transfer your photos and videos from Facebook to Google Photos:

Step 1: Login to your Facebook account and go to your Account Settings.

Step 2: Select the options “Your Facebook Information” and choose the option that reads “Transfer a copy of your photos or videos”.

Step 3: Enter your Facebook Account Password to verify your identity.

Step 4: Click on the “Choose Destination” button. A drop-down will appear, select “Google photos”.

Step 5: Choose from Photos or Videos and click on the Next button.

Step 6: Login with your Google account to start exporting Facebook Images/Videos.

This way, you can create a secondary backup for your images and videos on Facebook. If something happens to your Facebook account, at least all photos and videos will be backed up.

At present only photos and videos can be transferred to Google photographs. The Verge was told nevertheless in the future by a Facebook spokesman that Facebook users can transfer their photos and videos to other servers of the cloud company (companies which specifically join a data transfer program for Facebook).

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