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Electronic Mail or "Email" was one of the first forms of digital interaction and, in today's digital and tech-savvy society, it has become an important prerequisite to have an email address, much like a driving license. As the use of e-mails grew, the threats of cyber attacks involving e-mail also rose exponentially, raising the need for Safe Mail Service, such as Proton mail, Kolab now, Mailfence, and Tutanota. A major reason behind this is that consumers do not pay attention to certain key factors, such as anonymity, before establishing an email address, and email service providers take advantage of this by selling their user statistics and data to other businesses to make large profits.

Public Wifi is also a great way for hackers to steal your personal data. You should read this: 12 Reason to Avoid using Public Wifi

Thus, before establishing an email address, it is really important to read and understand the privacy policies and security measures of the website. Most users today have a Gmail account, but because it's a very common and most used service, but it's also because it's highly dangerous and most of the user data is sold by Google.

VPN's can also help you secure your personal identity over the internet. You should know What is VPN and How Does it Work?

So, we've built a list of the top 5 most reliable email service providers that are far more secure and privacy-friendly than Gmail or any other common mail service —

ProtonMail Secure Mail Service

When it comes to secure and stable email services, the most trustworthy and common name is ProtonMail, which is currently the highest-profile encrypted email service available today. It is a Swiss-based service established in Geneva in 2013 and was initially set up in the aftermath of the Snowden revelations, and was marketed as the 'only NSA e-mail service can't crack' at the time.

Both emails are secured using end-to-end encryption via the portal and are also encrypted at rest. One of the most unusual features provided by ProtonMail is the self-destructive function of messages that automatically erase themselves after a specified time. ProtonMail insists that its computers are locked in a Swiss shelter below 1,000 meters of solid rock that can withstand a nuclear strike. ProtonMail follows the concept of zero access and zero awareness, which ensures that servers and employees have no chance of reading or exchanging communications. ProtonMail also offers the best smartphone app options available.

Kolab Now

Kolab Now, previously known as MyKolab, is a web-based, open-source email service operated and run by Kolab Systems AG. The organization undertakes never to position its users under any oversight or to sell any sort of user details. Kolab Also also offers a variety of other helpful features, including secure email, addresses, schedules, calendar, communication software, cloud storage, etc., making it a full email suite and one of Google's close competitors. It is very helpful for those who wish to move to a more reliable range of services because their servers are still housed in a secure facility in Switzerland. Perfect Forward Confidentiality (PFS) is supported, which ensures that the encryption keys are transient in nature and attackers would not be allowed to use any key other than the disposable key used in that particular session.


MailFence is a very safe mail service introduced in 2013 by the ContactOffice Company and has operated independently as an online communication suite for educational institutions and organizations since 1999. Its servers are based in Belgium, which has very stringent rules on the prevention of third-party access to e-mails, which make it one of the few providers of e-mail services whose privacy is protected by statute.

It's basically an encrypted email service offering end-to-end encryption and OpenPGP-based digital signatures that allow users to generate and share their own private keys. Its service is completely web-based, which is also a huge asset because it makes things easy, you don't have to uninstall applications or extensions, because the browser itself does the whole encryption. The MailFence browser GUI also offers a VPN that adds anonymity to the encryption it provides. Mail encrypted mail can be run by any OpenPGP-compatible service that allows it completely encrypted and at the same time without the need for the receiver to decode it manually.


Tutanota is probably the safest mail service provider out there and is one of the better options for a secure and privacy-friendly email network. The company is based in Germany, which has very strict data privacy laws and its slogan is "Einfach, Sicher, Mailen" which translates to "Simple, Secure, Mailing," because Tutanota's business model exempts money from earning from some kind of advertising that relies entirely on Premium subscriptions and donations. It offers two-factor authentication, has an A+ SSL certificate, and was one of the world's first email providers to introduce DNS-based Authentication of Named Entities (DANE) to protect users from hackers impersonating them or their e-mail recipients. Instead of using PGP, Tutanota encrypts email messages with an AES-128 cipher, RSA-2048 handshake, and perfect forward confidentiality, indicating that the device is not interoperable by "normal" PGP users. It's compliant with both platforms and is available on iOS, Android, Windows, and also the Amazon App. Tutanota 's offerings are completely free of charge providing its customers with one email address and up to 1 GB of data storage space. However, in addition to its free offerings, it also offers subscription plans that are very affordable. Secure Mail Service:

Mailbox is another common and reliable mail service based in Germany, run by a community of professional developers with over 25 years of experience in delivering secure communications solutions. Interestingly, besides offering email-related facilities, Mailbox also offers, for example, Address Book, Schedule, Cloud Storage, Spreadsheet, Presentation, etc., making it a great and safe productivity package. Mailbox is compliant with OpenPGP, enabling its users to deliver secure mail to recipients. Unlike other mail platforms, the service provided by the team is fast, reliable, and knowledgeable. It has a message and spam philter functionality, malware security, and even protection from man-in-the-middle attacks. Both of these features make it a formidable rival and a secure replacement for Google and its services. offers a 30-day free trial to test your privacy and security features and is very affordable, with simple plans beginning at just € 1 per month and increasing.

In conclusion, both of the above-listed mailing services are safer alternatives than Gmail and provide you with much greater protection than Google's mail service. As a consequence, there is no chance that the data will be sold or that marketers will bomb you with advertisements they think you're going to like. The use of an encrypted emailing service is also an important security choice in a world full of cyber-attacks.

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