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Video Editing Apps is the perfect way to edit videos for improved quality, such as brightness, contrast, orientation, or, you may want to add something to make your images look memorable and make them more awesome.

The quality of the video is on the rise. Particularly when it comes to promoting products to customers. Video editing apps are one of the hardest tasks a computer can perform. A small video editing will significantly improve the impact of your film.

There are now a large number of video editing applications available that make recording and editing high-quality videos easier. While a large number of video editing software is available for PCs, free video editing apps for Android smartphones are no less available in the Google Play Store.

Luckily, there are tons of great free or inexpensive mobile video editing apps that you can use to make professional-looking videos on your phone or tablet.

1. ActionDirector Video Editor

ActionDirector is one of the most popular video editing apps on your PC. It's available on Android, too. It's doing the basics. You can import, edit, and make files.

You can do things like add your own music, trim and cut video, add text, use slow motion, and more. It's one of the best video editor application that supports 4K videos in android.

You 're going to have to test to see if your computer supports it, though. Developers have a clever tool linked to the Google Play Store to see if it can be yours. It's also getting frequent updates.

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2. Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is a video editing software designed to create and upload online videos. Rush is easy to learn and gives you a lot of control over your creations with its motion graphics templates, audio features, and ability to tap into your Creative Cloud library and Adobe Stock.

You can record, cut, adjust the clip series, right color, record voice-overs, and add color filters and text overlays.

The Video Editing software features a one-click audio mixing function that automatically changes the volume of background music during voice-overs, syncs projects across all devices.

Cost: $9.99 a month Individual Program. There's also a Starter Plan that lets users build an infinite number of mobile and iOS projects and export the three free of charge.

Download Adobe Premiere (Adobe Premiere Rush) for free on your Android, and you can create and share your truly professional-looking clips with unusual video effects, such as speed and filters — quickly and effortlessly.

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3. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is a remarkable Android video editing app that is popular with many users. All primary functions, such as trimming, cutting, adding themes, music, etc., can be performed easily.

You can also render square 1:1 videos for Instagram, 16:9 videos for Youtube, create reverse videos, add transitions, slow motion, text, etc. to embellish your video.

FilmoraGo Video Editing app has some in-app purchases, but most of the amazing features are available for free. You can either directly save the videos in your gallery or share them directly with any social networking site. The video editing app displays a wordmark at the end of the video, but you can erase it with the update.

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4. KineMaster

KineMaster is a mobile video editing app that is easy to use. It uses screen space in a smart way and allows you to add effects, text, and music to your video.

The video editing app lets you record audio to add to your video, and it also has a huge music library in the KineMaster Asset Store. With KineMaster, audio or video recording can be done in real-time and several layers of images, text, audio, animation, stickers, etc. can be attached to your video.

You can also use the control tools to adjust the brightness, color, and saturation of the video. Overall, the app has amazing features and interfaces and can be easily shared on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and many more.

The downside of this video editing software is that the free version allows you to download your edits only with a watermark. And the $4.99 monthly fee is more than most other video apps.

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5. PowerDirector Video Editing App

PowerDirector Video Edit App is a full-featured android video editing app that has an easy-to-use timeline interface, but it might take you some time to get used to the controls. However, you can become an expert on this video editing software once.

Within seconds, you can make professional and effective videos. You can create awesome green screen videos using this video editing app.

Most of its features are available in the free edition, but upgrade to the premium version allows you to disable watermarks, advertisements, and even select videos in 1080 and 4 K resolutions.

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