Top 6 Proxy Servers Providers in 2020

A wide number of proxy service providers are accessible over the Internet. But we're going to cover some of the most common providers in the section below. Let's take a quick look at them.

1. Luminati

Luminati is one of the most common proxy service providers and offers a wide pool of residential proxies. The pool consists of over 34 million IPs for site scrapers.

In addition, it offers to run IP addresses from almost every country in the world that attracts web scrapers to work smoothly.

It's simple for scrapers to use trustworthy locations. This allows marketing companies to take advantage of a dynamic location to promote promotional offerings on various social media channels from the same location.

It is also one of the most powerful proxy servers, so it is not easy for anti-proxy systems to detect it. This minimizes the risk of being caught and helps users to complete the task smoothly.

Users can get a $500 starter package for this service and use up to 40 GB of data. So if you want to use more, there's a $1000 advance plan that allows you to use up to 100 GB.


2. Proxybot

Proxybot is commonly used for web crawling as it can handle a large number of proxies. It also offers facilities for browser handling and various security tests, such as captchas.

It is beneficial to delete data from any website with a simple API call-no setup needed.

It offers to operate IP addresses from more than 12 countries around the world that allow users to obtain the desired results from different geographical locations.

The proxy server attracts a large number of web scrapers with the aid of the ability to get content from JavaScript-based websites.

Rotating anonymous IPs makes it difficult for websites to track or prevent it.

Powerful and affordable. Prices are available from $1.50.


3. Oxylabs

Oxylabs is another proxy server provider providing a pool of more than 60 million residential IPs. It allows users to operate IPs from anywhere in the world.

It offers many attractive features, such as rotating data center proxies and standard private proxies, which rotate automatically at the server stage.

In addition, it offers a variety of other services, such as data mining proxies, crawl proxies, web scraping proxies, market research proxies, or ad verification. It helps users to complete tasks easily and efficiently by using a wide pool of IPs.

This proxy server is that it offers a Real-Time Crawler that is a web-based search engine and an excellent eCommerce scraper alternative. It makes it easy for web scrapers to mine search engines and eCommerce websites.

This server's entry-level plan is available at $300, which enables users to access up to 20 GB of space. If you want more, there are three advance level plans available.


4. NetNut

NetNut is one of the most popular and smart proxy server providers providing its services at reasonable rates. It's a reliable and stable proxy provider. It offers a money back guarantee that is not offered by many well-known service providers.

This proxy server provides a pool of more than 20 million residential proxies as well as unrestricted bandwidth. It offers a quick and user-friendly dashboard for users to control use and billing.

It is one of the simplest to run a proxy server and provides exceptional performance to its customers. It is capable of linking directly to IPs from around the world.

It is also one of the cheapest proxy servers to deliver 100 GB of data at $700. It means you're going to pay $7 per GB. It offers the lowest price compared to the other proxy servers we discussed above.


5. GeoSurf

Geosurf provides outstanding land proxies at premium rates. It bills between $8 and $15 per GB of transmission capacity on the basis of the package you select. Price plans starting at $450/month.

Not every residential IP matches, and this could be the best proxy solution for finding US property IPs that are not provided with a range of other solutions (unfortunately, they do not currently offer mobile proxy websites).

While this may not be the best proxy carrier for those on a tight budget, this is one of the instances where you get what you pay for, these are some of the best property proxies around.

They use special proxy pools for other purposes, such as Instagram proxy, Craigslist proxies, commercial verification proxies, and more.

Another important feature of their solution is that they provide IP addresses in a few countries that do not like China and Iran in a variety of other ways, so if you need proxies from these nations, you might want to check them out.


6. Scraper API

Scraper API is an awesome, fast-growing web-scraping API software tool.

The service will rotate IP addresses for each request, from a pool of millions of proxies from more than a dozen ISPs, and automatically recover failed requests, so you will never be blocked.

IP rotating helps to prevent IP blocks and CAPTCHAS that can be very useful when you do automated web scraping.

The service allows you to customize your request headers, request size, IP geolocation and more.

They also offer a very useful feature to render a JavaScript with a headless browser. It allows you to scrape HTML from pages that are built with Javascript frameworks.

Scraper API is ideal for developers who want to quickly and easily build scalable web scrapers.

Don't waste more time handling hundreds or thousands of proxies and incorporating headless browsers into your deployment workflow. Get started with 1,000 free API calls a month.



Proxy servers provide a lot of advantages to a wide variety of users. Nonetheless, it is important to pick the correct proxy service provider to achieve the desired results.

In the discussions above, we explored in depth all the features and functions of rotating proxies with top proxy service providers. Let's hope you get a lot of benefits from it.

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