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The primary aim of a rotating proxy is to mask the identity of the user when browsing the Internet. In addition, proxies are an excellent way to increase the speed of web browsing and create a security fence around the network. There are various types of proxies available on the Internet that are used for a variety of purposes. Each of them is a revolving mirror. For most instances, developers use this proxy to extract data from websites. Because it makes it easy to scrape by hiding the identity and avoiding the blocking of the IP address of website owners.

What is Rotating Proxy?

Rotating proxy is one of the most popular proxy server types and is commonly used for web scrapping. The explanation behind this is that it helps users to build a list of IP addresses. It is beneficial to send thousands of script requests to different websites on different web servers. Normally, during web scrapping, web servers detect several visits to the IP Address and mark it as suspicious. After searching it suspiciously, a web server often blocks an IP address or puts a security test like Captcha back as an IP Address pass. Therefore, in order to prevent this type of problem, IP rotation is beneficial.

In addition, IP rotation not only provides a random IP address, but also enables users to use the IP address from multiple locations around the world. It decreases the risk of being captured, and websites detect whether they have a strong anti-proxy system.

Why Use Rotating Proxy?

As we mentioned in the above discussion, the primary purpose of IP Rotation is to mask the identification during the web service. Second, preventing detection and blocking during web scraping is helpful. There are, however, some other advantages of using IP Rotation. For example, SEO experts have a lot to do with keyword optimization, and it's time-consuming to collect keyword data for different locations. SEO professionals are responsible for running the website for users from various parts of the world. It is also easy for them to adjust the location and easily get keyword data for different locations.

In addition, technology firms use IP rotation on a wide basis to scrap the website in order to evaluate the efficiency of pages. IP rotation allows them to operate with high anonymity without being identified or blocked. Marketing companies use special marketing tools specially designed to generate a product or company buzz. Each bot is assigned a specific social media account, and software programming enables it to like comments or posts. Except in some cases, the bots will write comments on the company pages automatically.

All this method is possible, however, without the use of proxies, but for a limited period. Social networking sites are fitted with special measures capable of identifying the use of devices like this. When there is a large number of accounts that run from the same IP address, they can block it. It is also advantageous to use proxies to prevent this issue by assigning a different IP address to each bot with a different account.

What To Consider While Selecting The Proxy?

Not all proxy servers have the same support. Instead, the proxy service differs considerably from one another. We therefore point out a few key factors that you need to remember when choosing a proxy server. 1. Speed

Speed is one of the main factors in proxy selection, since the pace of your work eventually depends on the proxy pace. Sometimes proxy service providers have a speed cap and threads that even limit bandwidth if your usage is high.

2. Trusted Geographic Location

Geographic location is important because it allows users to run a proxy from the location they want. Also, some regions are considered suspicious and popular for making spams and scams. Therefore, when you send several requests from unknown locations, it is easy for websites to detect the presence of a proxy and eventually block the IP address.

3. Compatibility With Different Tools

There are many proxy service providers; some of them provide compatibility with all marketing or other tools available on the Internet. Although some of them offer minimal compatibility. It is also important to learn about the compatibility of the proxy service with a particular tool that you choose to use with the proxy. When you buy a proxy server and it doesn't have reliability, your spending on a proxy server is in vain.

4. Subnet Diversity

The primary aim of proxies is to keep your identity anonymous. Even, the lack of subnet diversity makes it difficult to conceal the status when browsing the Internet. Many internet providers provide the same subnet for all IP addresses, making it easy for websites to detect your presence.

5. Website Compatibility

Like the usability of the tool, some proxy servers are unable to provide services to a range of popular websites, such as Facebook, Amazon, etc. Only imagine what happens if you buy a proxy server that is not compatible with your website. It is therefore important to test the compatibility of proxy with the various websites that are beneficial to complete the task efficiently without spending on the purchase of additional items.

6. Customer Support

Even though you can set up a proxy without having to face any problems, customer service is important. This is the responsibility of consumers to keep the service provider up to date all the time. In case of any problems, users can get help from them. Therefore, you will consider buying proxy services from a firm that has excellent customer support. It allows users to contact the customer support team at any time and to find a solution to their problems.

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