Internet Download Manager 6.38.1 Retail

IDM Download Manager can increase the download speed up to more than 3 times and in some cases up to 5 times

IDM's famous and familiar download manager intends to solve all its problems, and this is quite evident in its latest version, v6.37. It had been about 2 months since this version was in beta (trial) and then it was finally released and approved. Solve SSL and download problems from https protocol, optimize download engine and speed up software performance, support for Dark Mode in Windows 10, fix the problem of downloading TS video streams, improving the recognition and download performance of online media and streams, integration and compatibility Complete with all the world's popular browsers and all part of the great and lovely features of IDM in its new version. Download IDM Manager adds to its countless capabilities every day and it seems that it will never stop or give up! To get the latest version of this application software with a complete installation tutorial and a healthy crack, follow the download website.

IDM Download Manager can increase the download speed up to more than 3 times and in some cases up to 5 times due to the division of files being downloaded into different parts and full use of the user's Internet bandwidth capacity. The next feature of this software, which is very important for download management software, is the possibility of resume or continue downloading download links, which has such a possibility, for example, if you downloaded a file from the downloads and while downloading for reasons such as Internet interruption and دانلود Download connection disconnected, you can continue it at another time. Other important features such as scheduling to start and end the download and also download the download links in the order of software features. Downloading videos and audio that are streamed and live and can not be downloaded directly (such as youtube) is also a feature that can not be.

What's new in version 6.38 Build 1 :

  • + Improved download engine

  • + Added support for new types of video streams

  • + Fixed bugs

Internet Download Manager is software that helps you while you are downloading games or any file from the Internet, increasing the download speed up to five times. But this is not the only feature that this complete tool provides. You can resume, or even schedule when the program has to start getting something. As well as this, if you have any kind of connection problems, such as network problems, unexpected power outages, computer shutdowns or lost connections, it will restart the interrupted process.
Internet Download Manager, or IDM (as other users prefer to call it), works in a very interesting way: it segments the game or the file that you want to get and saves the parts the program has already transferred. In this way, it can guarantee you high-speed performance and a very good final result. It supports firewalls, redirects, proxy servers, cookies, authorization, ftp and http protocols, MPEG video, and MP3 audio. It can be integrated into the commonest browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Opera, and it can also be incorporated into other less-used ones such as Netscape, Avant Browser or MyIE2.

Required System

Operating system: Windows NT or higher
Processor: Pentium IV or 1.2 GHz or compatible
RAM: 512 MB
HDD: 12 MB of free disk space

Installation Guide

Patch installation and activation tutorial:

1) First, make sure that your antivirus is disabled to prevent the software activation file from being deleted.

2) Now unzip your downloaded file.

3) Using CTRL + ALT + DELETE, go to the Task Manager and then the Processes section and find the IDMan.exe executable file. Right click on it and select End Process. (If this executable file is not in the Processes list, go to step 4)

4) Now open the extracted file in step 2 and install the existing executable file.

5) After installation, run the patch file as Run As Administrator and patch your software. Now run the software.

Note: If you receive a Could not found error, enter the software installation location manually. When prompted to search for the executable file, confirm it and select the executable file located in one of the two folders Program Files / Internet Download Manager or Program Files (x86) / Internet Download Manager And let the software be patched.


How to install the automatic crack version:

1) First make sure your antivirus is completely disabled. Also make sure Windows Defender is disabled.

2) Run the downloaded file. Click the Extract option. The password you need is the URL of the download website, which is placed at the top of the download links. Enter the password as well.

3) Enter the extracted folder. Run the stop file as Run as Administrator.

4) Select the English language. In the first step you will be asked to install Yandex, uncheck it (disable it) to prevent it from being installed. Then click Next.

5) Set the language to "English Language" in this window. Then click Next.

6) Installation and activation operations will be performed automatically.

Download Links

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