Opera GX Gaming Browser 70.0.3728.95

Opera is a fast and free alternative web browser, that includes tabbed browsing, pop-up blocking, integrated searches.

If you have an older Internet users, be sure to download and browser Opera (English: Opera Web Browser) for you. Now, after several years, this browser has started working and optimizing again. The release of Opera browser for all operating systems, namely Windows, Mac and Linux, has made this software more and more widespread. The use of the Blink engine can be seen in recent versions of Opera, which used Presto in the past. According to statistics released in late 2014, Opera browser has more than 350 million users worldwide. Opera browser was a leader in many technologies that were later used by other browsers, including important features such as speed dial, pop-up blocking, page segmentation, web browsing. Personal and secret and use tabbed mode.

Opera browser, with a share of about two percent among browsers, has attracted very little attention, and despite the many features, it can be said that the last browser after Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox , Internet Explorer, Safari and Microsoft Edge! A prominent feature of Opera Browser download is that it can store information until it is manually deleted (a problem with Chrome-based browsers that automatically delete your History after a while), display the page load in the bar The site address, which includes the percentage and number of uploaded elements, the use of synchronization with most sites, even sites that are very old and obsolete, having very useful tools for web developers and… pointed out .

Key features of Opera Web Browser:

  • Zoom in on pages: By downloading Opera browser, you can between 25 to 500% on your desired pages. This feature includes text, images, videos and other content such as Flash, Java, SVG and.. There are also several plugins for this theme in the browser to give you a better zoom.

  • Task Manager: Since the new version of Opera is based on the Chrome kernel, it also has the Task Manager feature, which is not seen in the old version of 12.17.

  • Download management tools: There is a very professional download manager that has the ability to pause, resume or restart data transfer. Keeping the history of downloaded files and the ability to open the folder or the file itself through the browser are the features of this download manager.

  • Image upload settings: Opera browser allows you to not upload images to pages or use only images that are currently in your system cache. This option is usually used for users who use weak internet such as dial-up.

  • Pop-up blocks: The ability to control which sites are allowed to run pop-ups in the Opera browser is entirely up to you. The Opera browser automatically blocks all unwanted and unofficial pop-ups for you.

  • Search engines: Completely fast access to a huge range of search engines with just one click in the Opera browser. Suppose you want to do a Google search for "apple". Just type "g apple" in the opera to search for you! Likewise, using shortcuts like W for WikiPedia or B for Bing can be useful.

Required System

System requirements for Windows:

Windows 7/8/8/10
512 MB of RAM
300 MB of free disk space

System requirements for Mac:

OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) or later; 32-bit and 64-bit Intel systems supported
512 MB of RAM
300 MB of free disk space

Installation Guide

1. Download the File from below

2. Open the Installer

3. Set your Installation Path ( Prefer Drive C:/Program Files)

4. You are Set to Go.

Download Links

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